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Intelligent Micro Warehouse

For example, in the airport, shuttle bus station, visitor center, Intelligent Micro Warehouse can be placed and sell the following items: MRT bus ticket card, commemorative goods, batteries, telecommunications SIM cards, disposable underwear, and other frequently used merchandise. Consumers, just like shopping on an e-commerce, select and purchase products through e-commerce apps in front of an Intelligent Micro Warehouse. The service management unit in will generate a “delivery instruction” based on the consumer’s order, and then The IoT unit passed to this Intelligent Micro Warehouse. The edge computing unit of the micro warehouse decrypt the instruction and translate it into some low-level control commands, and then the control unit take the purchased goods out of this micro warehouse. In the event of a mechanical failure, the information collection unit will report the status through the IoT unit. In turn, the smart service unit can generate a refund for the response.