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Combing the mobile App, and Cloud computing, together with the IOT and Edge Computing, we fully utilize of the modern software architecture and  semiconductor chips to flexibly compose the Intelligent Retailer Machines for different scenarios.


Smart Beverage Machine

  • Digital pressure control automatically adjusts nitrogen pressure based on beverage type and consumer preferences.

  • After the payment is completed through the e-commerce App, the faucet's solenoid valve will be opened, and the consumer can press the nitrogen cold brew coffee from the faucet.

  • The integrated flow meter instantly calculates the pressed coffee and automatically closes the solenoid valve when the purchased quantity is fulfilled, blocking the coffee from continuing to flow out.

  • The entire management, sales and service processes can be completed by consumers themselves, significantly reducing labor costs.


Intelligent Food Cabinet

  • Four temperature versions: warm (40 to 60 degrees), room temperature, refrigerated (3 to 10 degrees), frozen (-23 to -5 degrees), suitable for different types of food temporary storage and unstaffed selling.

  • RFID identification: RFID reading is still the most reliable technology compared to image or weight recognition. Through the multi-antenna approach, the problem of signal overlapping is solved and the accurate rate is increased to 99.99% or more.


Intelligent Micro Warehouse

  • Unlike traditional vending machine, Micro Warehouse don't need an IPC installed inside. It completely hand over inventory and sales management to the cloud, just like e-commerce. The major difference is that traditional e-commerce is relay one a centralized large warehouses, which is replaced by many micro warehouses scattered through the city.

  • At the time of consumption, the consumer scan the barcode on a micro warehouse, and the App displays the goods currently available in this micro warehouse. Consumers select the items they want through the App’s interface. After the payment is completed, the micro warehouse delivers the purchased goods.